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Rui En 瑞恩

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(220 Rate)

About :

Rui En was talent-spotted after appearing in a SingTel's popular SingTel hi!Card commercial as the i


Number Of Shows Rui En Acted In: 1)2002, No Problem! Role: Jessica (Rui En's debut drama.) 2)2004, My Mighty-in-Laws Role: Li Yingying 李盈盈 3)2005, You Are the One Role:Yukikko 4)2006, Love at 0°C Role:Sun Yixin 孙逸欣 5)2007, Honour and Passion Role: Bao Wenwei 宝文卫 Rating:Second highest rated drama of the year. 6) 2007, Metamorphosis An Xiaoqian 安晓茜 Awards:Star Awards for Best Drama of the Year 2007. 7)2008 By My Side Role: Zhang Yuhang 张宇航 Awards:Top 8 Most Popular Female Characters. 8)2009 The Dream Catchers Role: Lin Jiaqi 林佳琪 Awards:Star Awards for Top 5 Favourite Female......


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Actress Rui En & her fan club handed out 2,150 care packages & 3,006 handwritten notes to medical staff, MORE at #STAYHOME


2012, Rui En dressed in Versace geometric gold studded leather dress from Spring/Summer 2012! #Versace #RuiEn #SA2012 #Throwback #Mediacorp #TheCelebrityAgency <3 <3 Have a good week ahead for Monday!


Rui En and #Dennis together at the army camp exhibition!nnImage by Dennis via IG


Happy NEW Year #2018nnHere's Rui En with Dennis in a friendly meetup back in 2017.nn#Throwback nnImage by Dennis


Class, Elegance <3 Shades! #Glasses #Shades #SunglassesnnImage by RBKD


Rui En & Dennis Zhou together! Again <3 <3 ^_^n"The King and her Royal Highness finally fulfilled their Narnia dream. They fought and won their battle at Castle Hill! #Siblings" - Dennis Zhou (Repost via Instagram) <3 <3n#RuiEn #DennisZhou #FriendshipGoals #Ch8


Dennis Zhou & Rui En dining at @888Mookata posted by Dennis via Instagram (Repost) ❤❤💋 #RuiEn #888mookata #DennisZhou


What a sweet friendship between Rui En & Dennis ❤❤❤ #RuiEn #DennisZhou


Time flies <3 <3 It's September 2017! December's coming soon, any thoughts? #RuiEn #Throwback


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