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Self Improvement Quotes

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Beautiful Photos With Meaningful Quotes To Inspire You. If you like a quote, do ♥ LIKE and SHARE ♥ us with your friends ..


Our purpose is to show you Beautiful Inspirational Quotes and Pictures to move and inspire you. I hope these touch the hearts of others. If you like the quote, do leave a comment and share them with your friends. Latest Event ----------------- Sep 20th, 2012 is approaching. This date is an important day as it begins the final 100 day countdown of the year. If you believe in the importance of a strong finish, and leveraging these last 100 days and finish the year......


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I finally understand the Peace beyond Understanding. I am grateful for this new level of awareness. I am grateful for this peace. I am grateful for my life, for how far I have come, and for all the experiences I have had in my life. I am at a new level of awareness now. I […]


I am grateful that this thought crossed my path. I am so thankful for all my many blessings. I see everything as a blessing. I catch myself when I start to get stressed out. I am getting better and better at that. I start my day with a smile. I am thrilled that I can […]


I claim love as who I am. The more I learn about love, I realize that love is all there is. I choose to believe that the universe is made from love. I believe that love permeates the universe. The more I learn, I am starting to feel that love is the force that creates […]


This is the life I have been waiting for. This is living. I realize that I have had the perfect life all along. I am now aware that my perfect life has been here all the time. I no longer wait for the perfect life. My perfect life is here now. With just that change […]


I am living my life fully now instead of waiting for some time in the future, like retirement, to enjoy my life. I avoid waiting for circumstances outside of my control to change. I am living my life full out NOW! I realize what is within my control. I can be anything ...


Just as a pregnant mother must wait patiently for her child to be born, I am holding space for my dreams to manifest. I am grateful for this new sense of patience. I am patient. I am patiently awaiting my dreams to come true. I have done my due diligence and now it is ...


I embrace change. I accept transitions as natural. I welcome the opportunity to learn and grow. I focus on what I have to gain. I feel confident and resilient. I try new things. I travel to different neighborhoods and foreign countries. I ask a friend to show me their ...


I can go on a cruise in my mind anytime I would like. I use my imagination to think of where I would like to cruise next. I am on a pleasure cruise right now. I imagine that I am on a cruise in the Mediterranean Sea. I am thoroughly enjoying my cruise. I notice […]


When I see my life in metaphors, I can observe my life and make adjustments in my beliefs and behaviors from a neutral perspective. From the observer perspective, I can let go of unhealthy emotions that cloud my judgement. I now make better decisions for my life. I ima...


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