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Shahid Buttar for Congress

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About :

We're working to elect democratic socialist and intersectional feminist Shahid Buttar as Nancy Pelosi's replacement in CA-12. Visit us at to learn more, volunteer, or make a campaign contribution!

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Yesterday was my late mother's birthday. Her spirit was thankfully spared the future that she never had to witness.nn


Anyone who thinks Pelosi is a loyal Democrat has not been paying attention.nnThis is far from the first time that she has enabled Republican policies.nnCongratulations, San Francisco! Our city has managed to place the entire world at risk.


“Democrats are crowing about a toothless and inadequate climate bill, celebrating yet another performative contrivance while the future literally burns.…nnMeanwhile, Biden is completing the Trump-Pelosi border wall. Vote harder!”nnRead the rest at


It's great that Congress finally got off its ass to do something about climate chaos.nnUnfortunately, that something was largely performative, and far from the transformative public policy needed to guard life on Earth from continuing corporate predation.


Join us tonight for our last event of our 2022 campaign!nnWe’ll gather at Madrone Art Bar (at the corner of Divisadero & Fell in the lower Haight) from 6 to 7:30 to share appreciation for all the volunteers who enabled our campaign to expose bipartisan corruption in Washington and offer San Francisco a better voice.nnSee you there!


San Francisco took groundbreaking steps to protect privacy from arbitrary police surveillance in 2019. That model should expand.nnBut today, our city’s leaders work to unwind that precedent and set back the national movement for basic human rights.


Democracy is under assault around the world.nnPolitical violence has spread far beyond Buffalo, NY and El Paso, TX. Even countries with robust gun control like Japan are reeling from it.nnAttacks on candidates target not only them, but also our communities—and ultimately, democracy.


Nancy Pelosi’s family fortune benefited from a PPP loan


What to the slave is the #FourthofJuly?nn— Frederick Douglass, 1852nn