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SHAKHES Engineering Team تیم انجنیری شاخص

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Jamal Mina Behind DABS
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Jamal Mina Behind DABS

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عرضه کننده خدمات ساختمانی، حفظ مراقبت و ترمیم تسهیلات |


OUR TEAM: Ever since our beginning, we have proudly developed a well-structured and organized team. Our team’s commitment to quality is evidenced through our client retention rate and our complex project portfolio. SCLC maintenance management has built an excellent reputation in the industry over the years. We understand the importance of a great vision and an impeccable execution. Most of all, we understand the importance of respecting every commitment that we take as a company. "MUTUAL RESPECT IS THE FOUNDATION......



Jamal Mina Behind DABS ,1001
34.513014882104, 69.148587584496

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