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Solar Powered Disinfectant and Sanitation Carts

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About :

We provide Disinfection Services to stop the spread of COVID19 in Kabul city - Do you feel exposed to COVID19 please contact us ASAP to receive immediate disinfection services !


Darulaman ,1009
34.552299768219, 69.210400307217

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Featured Articles:


Our women cart vendor busy while disinfecting foot path infront of a medical store


Our staff while disinfecting a highly crowded place to help stop the spread of Virus. Our Disinfection Liquid is Sodium Hypochlorite Solution recommended by WHO and MoPH - which can kill any type of virus on the surface of different objects.


Disinfection team in Action


Disinfecting a Public Bus Stop


Our Hard Working female staff disinfecting unhygienic places which are susceptible to spread of virus.


Wash your hands properly to stop the spread of virus


Disinfection of Footh Paths in Action


Our Women-Run Solar Powered sanitation and Disinfection cart (Rickshaw) in action - would have you ever thought an Afghan woman could ride a cart. they were capable of all they need was some push. We provided environment for them to do so- now they are plenty of women willing to take an equal part in the economic development of Afghanistan- thank you the Asia foundation for your support !


خانمهای شجاع افغان هنگام ضدعفونی کردن پیاده رو


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