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Source Audio

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(781) 932-8080
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(781) 932-8080

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The New Standard in Effects Pedal Engineering


Source Audio is a guitar and bass effects pedal manufacturer popularly known for the motion-sensing Hot Hand ring technology. Their line of effects pedals have been used by some of the world's most talented artists in Rock, Funk, Dubstep, Electronica, Metal, Fusion, Jam, and other genres....



(781) 932-8080

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Musical Instrument


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Featured Articles:


We are quite honored that @reevesgabrels (guitarist for The Cure, David Bowie, and a lot more) included our Multiwave Distortion among his “Five pieces of gear I can’t live without” in a recent @guitar article. Read the article in our bio links. The Ultrawave Multiband Processor in the first slide is the updated version of the Multiwave Distortion. #sourceaudio #reevesgabrels #distortionpedal #ultrawavemultibandprocessor #octavefuzz #sourceaudioultrawave


We’ve got a new Featured Neuro Artist. Say hello to @do_noise (that’s his pedalboard) - click our bio link to check out some of his best published presets for the #ventrisreverb #ultrawavemultibandprocessor #c4synth #nemesisdelay #colliderdelayreverb and #mercuryflanger Do Noise has published tons of great ambient & experimental presets. We also recommend checking his YouTube channel for excellent pedal demo videos. 👽👽👽 #sourceaudio #ambientguitar #delaypedal #reverbpedal #synthpedal


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Happy 4th! 🇺🇸


Our man @billystrings and his band were on fire last night. Special guest appearance from @treydoingthings ! Roger (Source Audio’s President) was there and wrote a passionate review - read it in our bio links! Billy has been rocking the Nemesis Delay and EQ2 for a couple of years now! #sourceaudio #nemesisdelay #billystrings #treyanastasio


Our friend Billy Strings and his band were on fire last night at The Rooftop at Pier 17 in Manhattan last night. Roger (Source Audio's President) was there and wrote this passionate review! Check it out.


Source Audio Saturday is upon us! A quick roundup of @sourceaudio inhabited pedalboards from around the Gram. This week we’ve got beautiful pedalboards from (in order of appearance) @fuzzbpc @timothygroovy @flo_studio_owl @haha.sim @soundescapeartist Thanks for posting the cool pics, everybody. 👊🤓 #pedalboard #sourceaudio #sourceaudiocollider #c4synth #guitsreffects #knowyourtone