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AudioTools, iAudioInterface2, and iTestMic information and support.


We are a company that develops great iPhone apps and accessories for audio.



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We have added Dolby Atmos 9.1.6 audio test signals to our Apple TV Surround Generator app. This package is an in-app upgrade and available now to all users, discounted now for a limited time. nnTo get the app, navigate to the App Store on your Apple TV 4K, and search for “Surround Generator”.nnDolby Atmos home theater systems are getting more popular every day, and it is important to set up and test these systems properly. With our Surround Generator app and an Apple TV 4k, you now have the ability to send test signals to any of the 9.1.6 Dolby Atmos channels.nnTest signals include full and mid-band pink noise, polarity, impulse, and sine sweeps. Use these with RTA, FFT, Smaart Spectrum, ETC, Polarity, and Impulse Response in AudioTools to fully characterize the system as it works in your room, and to verify that your system is properly installed.nnUse the Apple TV remote to select any single channel, all channels, or cycle the signal around the room. nnUse the Atmos signal package for:n-Setting up your Atmos systemn-Verifying that the system was installed properlyn-Checking your speaker assignmentsn-Finding out how your processor handles missing speakers or unassigned channelsnnTake advantage of these limited-time sales to upgrade your test & measurement platform now.


New LARSA demo video from Todd Urban


We’ve lowered our app pricing in this crisis, please stay safe and healthy!


We are demoing our new products at InfoComm booth 5160


NEW UPGRADE CALCULATOR NOW LIVE!nnYou asked and here it is :)nnDue to requests from our many long-term customers, we have added a new path to the 'Unlock Everything' upgrade.nnThe Upgrade Calculator will inspect your Studio Six app for already installed in-app purchases, and pro-rate the full upgrade cost by the approximate percentage of apps that you already have bought. You will then be presented with the opportunity to purchase this upgrade, which has the same benefits as the 'Unlock Everything' option.nnNote that depending on your previous purchase history, you may be presented with a one-time discount. Note that if you do not use it, the discount will expire and not appear again.nnTo find the Upgrade Calculator, just navigate to the Support & Upgrades menu on your Studio Six App, and you will see the Upgrade Calculator.


Running the new SPL Graph Remote Monitor demo at INCE


TYPE 1 CERTIFIED iOS PROFESSIONAL TEST AND MEASUREMENT MICROPHONEnnStudio Six's professional iPrecisionMic is the only Type 1 certified microphone that is also an iOS direct-connect Lightning accessory. iPrecisionMic is factory calibrated to +/-0.1dB using a NIST traceable pressure-compensated calibrator. The calibration offsets are store in the microphone’s nonvolatile memory, and are transferred automatically to an iOS device running our AudioTools app. For full details and to place an order today, click on the link below!nn


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