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TEAC Audio (EU)

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It all began over 50 years ago when a young Japanese engineer, Katsuma Tani, introduced a tape recorder to the world. That started an innovative, young and enthusiastic company that became known simply as TEAC. Since that time, TEAC have continued Tani’s passion to the music and generated a whole range of audio and video products that proudly carry the TEAC name. Creating technological firsts over the years, TEAC is synonymous with quality and engineering design that remains faithful to......


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Did you know that TEAC was awarded not one but two Emmy Awards back then? TASCAM in particular has played an important role in broadcasting, and for this TEAC, in 1988, was honoured to receive two Emmy Awards for their digital multitrack recorder.


In addition to records of all kinds, you can also find music instruments, tin signs and merchandise at Frödy-Records. The music shop has a coffee bar where you can find not only coffee, cocoa & tea, but many more drinks to quench your thirst. Check it out:


The PE-505 phono preamplifier uses a fully balanced circuit design in all stages that amplifies, equalizes and cleans up even extremly weak audio signals.


The TN-175 is a fully automatic turntable. Its tone arm automatically moves to play the vinyl and returns to the original position after the playback finishes.


A few years ago, nobody could have known that vinyl records would make such an impressive comeback. In fact, demand has been so massive that companies are struggling to keep up with it. Read more about it in the following article:


In 1972 TEAC released its first cassette tape deck. The A-450 not only improved the precision of the cassette tape mechanism, but also focused on usability.


The second-hand shop for record lovers. Nabu Record mostly sells and buys used records, but don't miss out on the latest hits and must-haves either! If you're ever in Innsbruck, make sure to visit!n


We all know that vinyl has been making headlines in recent years - it was an unexpectedly epic comeback. But some might wonder how dance music fits into the equation. Mixmag has the answer!


Thanks to the use of a newly developed DC servo motor and its slim and elegant design, the TN-4D deliver stunning vinyl playback in every home.


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