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Helping audio engineers and filmmakers everywhere to take their audio skills to the next level. Whether it's sound design, cleaning up bad audio, or music production, our online courses offer the best and most succinct resource on the internet.

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Fun things #1: one thing I love about this new cart is the 2 water bottle holders. They can hold water bottles, cans, or other various drinks. They can ALSO hold headphones and my mic bag


#newcartwhodis nnMy dad built a new cart for me. Using a dolly truck from Home Depot, a drawer system from Tanos. Everything labeled and organized. #beautiful many more pics to come of this thing. nn#zaxcom wireless also coming in for the save today, rolling downtown in an RF packed area and the actors start lines WAY too far away so the onboard recording and transmitting is a lifesaver


Shooting in a SUPER reverby studio today. Threw 10 furniture pads on the floor in front of the subject, put an 8x muslin overhead to block out top reflections. Sounds like we’re shouting in a sound booth! Almost. There’s a little bit of long tails on ends of words. But it should clean up super well. The trusty Schoeps 541 is killing it per usual. Stoked! nnWorking on the SD 688 and Zaxcom ZMT3x, with the DPA 4061 #ofcourse nn#Schoeps #zaxcom #sounddevices688


Ok but the Nova is pretty insane tho. Who has used one?? Built in RX??!?


Ugliest rig? Who knows. I didn’t have much time to mic up this Ducati bike so I thought quick and just used 10.5 rolls of gaff tape. I had DPA 4061 microphones with Bubblebee wind covers pointed at all key parts (radiator, chain/tire, and below the seat looking at the tire). I finished it off with a CMIT5U pointed at the right side of the bike and the ok’ Shure SM7b pointed to the left. Then there was an SM58 strapped near the front looking up at gear shift action for kicks and giggles. For the recorder I used the F6 in 32 bit for set and forget levels. We’ll see how this thing comes together in post


When I am working with a locked of shot and an actor that has a lot of body movement, I like to give plenty of space for the mic to get a great signal. A common mistake I see is people getting the mic AS CLOSE as possible. But then when your actor moves, they move completely out of the mic pickup and you’re recording their forehead. Which weirdly enough, doesn’t make sound. At least the same sounds as their mouth. nnLesson? It’s better to be a little further away than to be right on an actornn#uglypicbutwhocaresitsforthelearninglol #lol #mic #audio #hashtag


Get it? Because wind literally blows because it's wind, but it also blows in a metaphorical sense because it is a hassle to deal with in audio.nnClick the link in the page bio to check out a free training on post sound for film!n#audiomixing #audio #postsound #sounddesign #sound #postaudio #microphone #audiotraining #budgetfilmmaking #interviewtips #qanda #audioqanda


We're repeating jokes, and by golly, we have no shame about it.nnClick the link in the page bio to check out a free training on post sound for film!n#audiomixing #audio #postsound. #sounddesign #sound #postaudio #microphone #audiotraining #budgetfilmmaking #interviewtips #qanda #audioqanda


Bats, we're bats, we're the batsnnClick the link in the page bio to check out a free training on post sound for film!n#audiomixing #audio #postsound. #sounddesign #sound #postaudio #audiotraining #soundeffects #interviewtips #qanda #audioqanda