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The Crypto Discussion Bunker

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This page aims to focus on two key areas: 1) On technical analysis of current cryptocurrencies 2) Analysis and assessment of ICO offerings.


This page aims to focus on two key areas: 1) On Technical Analysis of current cryptocurrencies. Their growth trends, and predictions as well as key analysis points you need to know 2) on analysis if upcoming ICO's (initial Coin Offerings). their strengths weaknesses, and other assessment points you need to know about. ...


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guys and gals, as you know one of my favourite signals groups, Bitcoin Signals Hub on facebook has expired as they have sold their FB page and Telegram group to a new group. I have now joined this group and they have a HUUGE collection of signals available for you to use and trade with. i have a referral link so feel free to support my by joining via this link. i get a small bonus for each person i refer. This group is a goldmine IMHO, it only costs .04btc to join for a lifetime membership. guys, that's fricken cheap! to put it into perspective i have another group i pay $400USD per year to subscribe to, there's others that charge anywhere from .5btc to a whopping 1.4btc per year...yes 1.4btc. So join up, make some great gains and thank me later ;) you should see my face on discord somewhere on this great page asking questions and talking about crypto


Do you have the latest firmware update on your ledger? (Firmware 1.4.1)


There is no denying we are biased on this one!: we are invested in Mobius, we know the team, we have held events for them, but still this is a good read, check it out PS: Stellar Lumens is a sleeping giant


Mobius in Sydney was a total success! Check out @mobius_network’s Tweet:


**UPDATE! MORE SPECIAL GUESTS!* Aussies listen up! We can confirm that for our event we are organising on the 15th of March @ 5:30pm @ Stone & Chalk we have some HUGE guests! Not only do we have Cyrus S. Khajvandi and Kevin Leu from the Mobius team but we also have:nn-Aimie Rigas, Community and Marketing Manager, from Power Ledgern-BlockChain Brad, Youtube cryptoinfluencern-Members from the Coinstart and Crypto Sydney teamsn-Diana Vu: Head of Investment at Alpha BlockchainnnTickets are only $15 from this link! Food and drinks provided.n



Keep in mind Ben Swann is sponsored by Dash so there could be some bias


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