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The Flippist: custom drawn flipbooks

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I flippin’ ❤️ flipbooks! For hand-drawn commercial commissions, contact me at my website thefl

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Had a blast making this flipbook for Sonic 2…Special thanks to my pal Elliott for helpin out! *burp*🫢😊 #SonicMovie2 on Blu-ray now! @ParamountMovies @SonicMovie #ad


After a long day of flipbooking, time for my cramped fingers to unwind and break out the finger board. Check out Hot Wheels Skate playsets and finger boards which come with shoes that attach to the boards to hone your skills. #dropintohotwheels #ad #flipbook


“Mr. Putin…there is a law of nature, a hard and fast law for which there are no loopholes and no escaping it, and this law is what you sow you shall reap. And right now Mr. Putin you are sowing death and destruction. It’s all on you. The Ukrainians didn’t attack your country. You went in and attacked their country. All this death and destruction is going to come back and visit you, and in this big picture we are involved in, there is an infinite amount of time, life after life after life, for you to reap what you are sowing.” …Some truth from David Lynch.


#Ukraine #Putin #karma


Some animated doodling with Olympic Gold figure skater Nathan Chen. He's too fast to draw so I just scribbled away.


Kamila Valieva was the first woman to land a ‘quad’ at the Olympics. Sure she won a gold medal, but it also could very well inspire world peace. While I’m here…anyone that wants to hire me to make Olympic flipbooks…drop me a line! Love doing these 🥰✌️


This is one of the coolest flipbook projects I’ve ever been a part of…nIt was commissioned by Hyundai, and was the lead-in to a mind blowing drone show on New Year’s Eve in South Korea. nnDefinitely made me misty seeing some of my story ideas turn from paper into thousands of majestic flying drones. nnHere's the link to the full video from Hyundai:


The annual posting...Every Booby Trap in Home a flipbook


Flipbook Nerds Unite!! Order at