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The Growing Discussion About Food

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The Growing Discussion About Food (GDAF) seeks to germinate a new bloom of grassroots organizing by cultivating a more diverse dialogue about food justice.


Through cultivating a larger and more diverse discussion about ‘food security’ and food justice in San Diego, outside the normal channels dominated by privileged interests, we may build bridges and increase the social capital we will need from a basis of unity to address the many different problems we experience around food. By growing together, we may learn from each other and build mutual understanding and community. Recognizing the global scale of the conversation, learning from the experiences of others, and......


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Featured Articles:




Change in Rural Culture, Small Farms, and Hedgerows:nInterview with Adam Payne - he talks about: the farmer’s way of thinking; producing a livelihood from your work; export logic, concentration of land ownership and Brexit; that rural culture Is changing; autonomy; a system of seed governance; access to the land and re-localizing production; what to grow, landscapes, and hedgerows.n


New interview in In Motion Magazine with Dr. Iain MacKinnon who, "belong(s) to the Isle of Skye (in Scotland). I'm from a crofting family. I'm a Gael." He works as a researcher in the governance of land and natural resources at the Center for Agroecology, Water and Resilience at Coventry University. In the interview, he talks about: his childhood, "Being Brought Up to Get Out"; the Highland Clearances; the Crofters Act of 1886; community ownership of land becoming established; and culture, "We need to make our voice heard."n




How Our Food System Is Going To Develop: nThe Question of Community and Cooperation in the CountrysidenInterview with Joanna Bojczewska , a farmer in southern Poland who has a small micro-growing project, "where I produce a variety of vegetables and preserves on a small scale and I sell them to a local cooperative and a local farmer’s market."


Interview with Fiona Mandeville, a crofter, and chair of the Scottish Crofting Federation (SCF). Crofters are independent small family farmers who rent land in perpetuity from local estates. As individuals or families, they raise livestock and grow crops on the land in-by their homes, and communally share and work grazing land. In the interview, Mandeville talks about communal farming, the Clearances and the Crofters' Wars, land reform, the role of women in crofting, and the stewardship of Scottish landscapes.n


Local self-sufficiency in food and energy:nInterview with Jadwiga Lopata and Julian Rose of the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside. Lopata and Rose discuss the organizing efforts and circumstances of Polish farmers after Poland's entry into the European Union. They have struggled against a systematic destruction of small- and middle-sized farmer's processing facilities and local markets, corporate land grabbing, and the attempted influx of GMOs. At same time, they practice and advocate for local self-sufficiency in food and energy.n


We wouldn't have choke points if we as communities grew our own food instead of ceding control/power over food to a handful of multinational corporations.nnWorld food security risks growing, Chatham House saysn