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The Informal Discussion Group, NLUO

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National Law University Odisha
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National Law University Odisha

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Established to provide exposure for inter-disciplinary learning by way of informal Discussions, organizing panel discussions with people.


National Law University Odisha ,753015
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We’re excited to announce that Mr. Prakhar Gupta will be joining us for an informal discussion on Monday, 11th October 2021, at 9:30 pm, and we’d love to see you there with us. Tune in to Prakhar's YouTube livestream at to check us out!nnPrakhar is a social commentator and a cultural critic. He hosts the PG Radio podcast that covers conversations from science, art, philosophy, technology, and politics; and the Prakhar Ke Pravachan YouTube channel - which is an overlap of philosophy, psychology, and questions on how to live a good life.


Dear All,nWe are delighted to inform you that Ms. Rachana Mudraboyina will also be joining today's session, as the fourth panelist. nnMs. Rachana Mudraboyina (She/Her) is the creator of TransVision, India’s first YouTube channel for transgender issues with an aim to provide people with a basic knowledge of transgender people. She seeks to reduce the stigma associated with the Transgender Community. With her assertive digital presence, she wants people to have a more nuanced understanding about the community. nnThe details for the session, scheduled on Zoom, are as follows:nDate: 4th February, 2021nTime: 6 P.M-7:15 P.MnJoining link: forward to an enriching discussion!


Greetings from the IDG! nnMx. Grace Banu, due to certain health issues, will be unable to join us for the guest lecture scheduled on February 4, 2021. The updated list of panellists joining us for the session is as follows:nnKiran Nayak, a disability and transgender rights activist. He is also the founder of Karnataka Vikalachetanara Sanghatane (KVS).nnDr. Bittu Rajaraman, an associate professor of Biology and Psychology at Ashoka University. A queer activist and a neuroscientist, Professor Bittu has been a tireless advocate for the Dalit and LGBTQ community.nnJapleen Pasricha, the founder & editor-in-chief of Feminism in India, an award-winning digital platform for feminist media. She is a writer, educator, campaigner, and a researcher.nn nnThe other details for the session remain the same, as mentioned in the previous post. nLooking forward to an enriching session.


Greetings from the IDG!nnAfter a short hiatus, we're back with our series of guest lectures. We are delighted to inform you that to mark our 26th session we'll be hosting a panel discussion and will be in conversation with Dr. Bittu Rajaraman, Grace Banu, and Japleen Pasricha.The broad theme of the discussion would be 'Understanding Sex and Gender: An Inclusive and Intersectional Perspective'.nnThe guest lecture is scheduled to be held on 4th February, 2021, 6 pm onwards and shall be conducted via Zoom. The login details are as follows: nnJoining Link:n ID: 933 5339 5734nPasscode: idg26nnThe session is open to anyone interested in a thought-provoking panel discussion. Looking forward to an enriching session! Hope to see you all there!


Informal Discussion Group NLUO is organising its 25th session in form of a panel discussion on 3rd October 2020 with panelists Ms. Saba Naqvi (Author & Journalist) and Mr. Harssh Poddar (IPS Officer & Formerly associated with Clifford Chance). The discussion shall be centered around the theme of "The Ideal Role of Media and Police in Deepening Democracy and Enforcing the Rule of Law in India".nnThe session is open to anyone interested in a thought-provoking panel discussion. The session is scheduled on 3rd October 2020 at 4:50 PM and will be conducted via zoom. These are the login details:nnJoining Link:n ID: 702 362 3537nPasscode: idg123


The session is scheduled today at 5:00 PM. It will be conducted via Zoom. The login details are -nnJoining Link:nn ID: 596 484 1074nPasscode: idg24nnLooking forward to seeing you there!


Greetings from the Informal Discussion Group, NLUO. nnWe hope you are well. As we are aware that COVID-19 has created incertitude regarding law school entrance examinations, and timeline of semesters. While there have been quite a few recent developments, much still remains unclear particularly from the point of view of the impacts on access to legal education, and legal and ethical viability of policy decisions taken up by universities. Further, there is a large room for brainstorming creative options that universities can contemplate to ensure that education thrives even amidst the uncertainties of the pandemic. In our attempt to begin a comprehensive dialogue on these issues, we are glad to announce a discussion on the topicn"Accessibility to Entrance Exams during COVID: A Utopia" nnThe session is scheduled on 11th September 2020 at 5:00 PM and will be conducted via Zoom. These are the login details: nnJoining Link: n ID: 596 484 1074nPasscode: idg24


Greetings from the IDG!nnAfter much anticipation and wait, the Informal Discussion Group is back with another Guest Lecture!nWe are delighted to inform you that for our 24th session, we have with us Mr. Bharat Chugh as the Guest Speaker.nThe guest lecture is scheduled to be held on 5th of March, 2020 from 3:00-5:00 pm.nnLooking forward to a great session! Hope to see you all there!


Greetings from IDG!nnThe Informal Discussion Group is back with the 24th Guest Lecture. It is scheduled on the 5th of March 2020, with Mr. Bharat Chugh.