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The Real Live Show

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All the world's a stage, the men & women merely MC's, DJ's, producers & instrumentalists.

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At the National Arts Festival, the South African press dubbed Malik Work "the griot from New York, Shakespeare of the streets..." nYou coming to the show?


We are doing the LIVE version of Verses @ Work, Monday October 18th at Joe's Pub. Got tickets? Get them on the Public Theater's website before they are all gone!n-nHelping us bring the show to life are director Vernice Miller, musical director Quincy Valentine on keys, Nate Jones on bass, Stix Bones on drums, Ayanna Williams on vocals, Aaron Halevy on accordion and vocals, Mai Lê Hô on dance, and starring our own Malik Work.n-nHere below is the trailer of the film version, releasing soon, directed by Lucas Mendes, shot by Gregg Thompson, art directed by Al Malonga, and featuring Marcio Rosário, Toya Lillard, David Reith, Broderick Ballantyne, Sandro Pedroso, & Charlotte Gaspard, with music by Manhattan Composers Collective.


#satisfaction during #quarantine


TONIGHT!!! Get your tickets in advance. And remember, we won't be doing this again in NYC for a while:) See you on the stage!!


“I was VERY passionate about the stage. So I came up with an idea...” -Malik in “Verses At Work”


T-Minus 2 weeks!!


You won’t see this part of Verses @ Work during Producer Monday @producermonday next week, December 9th for the anniversary jump off. But this sets up the snippet we WILL give you. n-n9pm doors. Show starts at 9:30pm. And we are honored to include The Original Muse @lamazing , and The Hustle Games in the show!!nOf course MISTER GOLDFINGER @rayangry is 🔥ing it ALL up. 🎼n-nWas so fun digging up this clip. Big shout to @theater_for_the_new_city , that production’s Director @toyaane , sound designer/composer @qvalent , set designer @andrea.arch , video artist @korunniproductions , stylist @wardrobebreakdown , co-Producer @melainstagrammata , and lighting designer Christine Dorsey.nThank you for your amazing work!! The footage looks pretty good❤️n-n-n#versesatwork #producermonday #producermondays #nublu #anniversary #monday #mondaymotivation #therealliveshow #history #hiphoptheater #hiphophistory #newyorkcity #thatsmyscity #newstylehustle #december9 #december9th #9thofdecember #outhere #livemusic #immersive #immersivetheater


Come out and rep if you are free this Sunday afternoon!


Narrated by Malik Work Starring Stimulus