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The UnEmotional Eater

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(865) 789-4939
(4 Rate)
(865) 789-4939

About : A program committed to eliminating cravings and self sabotaging cycles stopping you from your health goals. Go here to recieve your free Emotional Eating Questionairre.


Look around we are more overweight than ever before yet we have more resources than ever. We are also as a nation stressed out to the max. Food is everywhere, on every street corner, conveniently right there every time we are stressed, bored, frustrated, etc. There are more diets, books, gyms, apps than ever before but yet we as a nation are at an all time high of obesity. What if it is NOT your fault?......



(865) 789-4939

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I saw this post and thought boy isn’t that the truth. Mine would sometimes you have to eat so you don’t feel. Or it would say sometimes you stay so busy in order to not feel that you don’t take time to feed yourself well. nnFood was my go to, how I coped with stress. It’s not right or wrong, I’m not a bad person, it was just the coping strategy I had created. Changing my relationship with food has meant recognizing when I was experiencing stress. Doing something daily to rest my body so it had more coping ability, this hasn’t been a simple process. When all we do is beat ourselves up about our food or our weight we have our eye on the wrong problem to solve. nnCome out of the diet culture and start caring for yourself in ways other than stuffing yourself with food ❤️


This explains why so many turn to food, alcohol, drugs, you name it to numb out.


I often say “It’s all a made up story. If you are going to make shit up, make up good stuff that makes you happy”


Have you ever felt like this momma bear. Inspecting your body and the changes that bearing a child creates. nnI’ve judged my body so harshly over the years feeling betrayed by it at times but the reality... I bore a child, it changed my shape. I’m post menopausal, it’s changed my shape. I’m over 55, gravity is real. nnAs mother day approaches celebrate your body. It has served you well in many ways. Those feet and legs get you where you need to go everyday. Those arms and hands reach and move things. nnBe grateful for what you have... ❤️


I always thought self care was mani/pedi, a massage or a new purse. Today self care looks much different. Life changing.


This is a pretty interesting article about the impact of stress on weight. What do you think of the research findings? nn


I found this to be an interesting article, I am curious what you think. nnSugar is one of those things I try to stay away from for the most part. When my sugar cravings increase it typically means my stress is high. It is what I call "a flag on the play". It lets me know I am emotionally out of balance. nnI agree that when we demonize any food we create a dis-ordered or out of balance relationship with food.nn


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