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Thin Dick Theater

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About :

Edinboro's only boutique movie house specializing in classic cinema of all varieties.


Named after a terrible inside joke, gone awry, Thin Dick Theater is a small boutique movie house specializing in classic cinema of all varieties. Equipped with vintage movie theater chairs to properly replicate the genuine theatrical experience. With its intimate atmosphere, you can take in over one hundred years cinematic history surrounded by perhaps even dozens of movie lovers. Edinboro Film Series can suck this thin dick! Owned and operated by Levi "Thin Dick Dabeedo" Peretic...



,PA ,16412
41.864478, -80.119691

Opening Hours :

Thursday: 20:00AM - 22:00PM

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Parking available ,Street parking ,Valet parking
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Featured Articles:


Would you know my name, if I saw you in heaven?


Don't forget about tonight's screening of the Finnish cult classics Leningrad Cowboys Go America, and Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses!


Thanks to the bubblegum in the dish, and our mothers hanging up clothes, we have been paired with a perfect double feature...


Happy Valentine's day from Thin Dick Theater!rnFor all the lonely souls out there, be sure to attend tonight's double feature, Valentine's Day TBA rnrnEveryone needs to bring at LEAST TWO movies with them. We will take all of the movies, and then use a proven scientific process to match us with the perfect double feature!


Happy Black History Month!


Don't forget tonight's screening, BLACK HISTORY FROM HELL: X (American History X, Black Devil Doll from Hell) starts at 7:00pm!


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