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Timeline Alpha

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A rift in time forces the second World War to be refought on a modern military battlefield.


Series Concept: Timeline Alpha is an Event Series. An epic Science Fiction adventure about what happens when a Nazi weapons experiment goes horribly wrong and opens a rift in time between 1942 and 2016. Through that rift, both the Nazis and the Americans receive a Task Force full of modern military technology. Timeline Alpha flips the switch on the familiar time travel story we all know and love. Where our heroes save the day and restore time as we know......


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What if? That question and the infinite amount of answers to it underlies everything about our show. One of the biggest what ifs is how modern 21st century technology might change the people of 1942. As with all things made by humans, it can be full of promise or terror. As much as the former is evident in the TLA universe, the concept art below shows the latter and brings home the evil our heroes face with each episode.


What would Churchill’s WW2 bunker/HQ look like in the Timeline Alpha Universe. This is what it would look like, little concept art for ya

2019-03-19®ion=1nn[ OLD SAM ]nSam is a 65 to 80 years old, Black/African American Male. Sam is an Air Force veteran of the great war. He's still every bit the fighter jock, cocky and confident, but his age has made him kind and patient.nn[ YOUNG SAM ]n20 to 25 years old, Black/African American Male. Sam is a young African American Male in 1942, Sam is a product of his time but born way ahead of it. He is ready to give it all for his country, although his arrogance may get in the way.nnMust be able to perform basic stunt work and be comfortable around prop weapons. There will be a stunt double for the sequence.


Major Price's final texture, soon to be ridding the skies of the Nazi Menace


New concept art for a spinoff show. This is what you do when they say do you have a sequel in mind...nnThe hydrofoil in the poster was done by one of my biggest artistic influences Illustrator John Berkey. It was commissioned by us navy for recruitment posters... It's an image that has stayed with me ever since I had that very poster on my wall as a kid. This was always going to be the direction of TLA Pacific Rim, in fact I have some people building me one already, it's not done and I had a gun to my so... Thank you John Berkey and my photoshop skills, now ready for the meeting it is for concept art only


Well things in this business come quick sometimes, giving you an inside look at what my design minions have been up to, for the teaser trailer. This is the design for the new German jet. Now, it's of to the texture team to make it photo real so it can prowl the lethal skies of Timeline Alpha . Haven't come up with a final name yet what do thing we should call it.


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