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Tip of the Spear Football

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Tip of the Spear exists to advance the game of football by developing, teaching & implementing skill development programs designed to optimize player performance while eliminating the helmet as the primary tool for contact.


For the Players, by the Players: Tip of the Spear’s Curriculum was Developed by Retired NFL Player’s who Understand the Requirements for Success on the Field, as Much as they Understand the Urgent Need to Solve the Concussion Crisis, Which is Endangering the Game & More Importantly, The Long Term Health of Those Who Play it. The Future is in YOUR HANDS! Tip of the Spear Provides Players & Coaches a Step-By-Step Instructional Program to Engage in Contact With the Hands, Not......


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The #1 cause of missed tackles is a player’s inability to control their body in space. nnSpend time early in the season on developing this important skill and watch your tackling efficiency skyrocket!nnWatch this drill and 100+ more w our Free 30 Day Trial


August is our busiest month for youth Camps & Clinics!nnYouth organizations are fed up with the generic safety certifications mandated each year because they do not improve results on the field. nnTip of the Spear is used in the NFL because our program drastically improves player performance. nnBetter football players are safer football players. It’s time to raise the bar in your program with Tip of the Spear!


Contact Has Evolved!nnPlaying with “Tight Elbows” creates more power than “Tight Hands”.nnYet, many coaches struggle with developing this important posture.nnThe Lev-Cuff™️ helps players develop this optimal posture of the arms to maximize skill development so they can DOMINATE on game day!nnUpgrade Your Team Today


More and more youth leagues are ditching generic certifications and instead providing a deeper understanding of contact for their coaches. Over 150 coaches from the Tucson Youth Football & Spirit Federation were fully engaged in today’s clinic. nnIt’s time to stop going to the motions. nnArm your program with the most DOMINANT techniques in football!


Customize your very own coaching clinicnnYou choose the topic & Tip of the Spear will present new techniques and drills to help you DOMINATE in game day!nnImprove Player Performance ✅nEliminate Helmet Contact ✅nBoost Participation ✅nnSafety Through Superior Technique


Stay ahead of your competition with the most advanced techniques & drills in the game!nnCheck out over 100+ Instructional Videos (Techniques, Drills & Clinics)n nFree 30 Day Trial


Youth Coaches play one of the biggest roles in football. nnThey deserve better resources than the generic certifications forced upon them each year. nnWhich is why they trust Tip of the Spear to provide the best information in the game. Upgrade Your Team Today!


Tired of players falling down in practice?nnTeach them how to keep their hips under their center of gravity and feet connected to the ground. nn“Push Hands” reinforces both of these important aspects of contact and how to respond to different lines of force.


Most coaches teach players to attack with “tight hands” BUT a more important coaching point is to play with TIGHT ELBOWS, which is the only way to tap into Hip Driven Power.nnUnleash Super Human StrengthnnOrder Your Lev-Cuff™️ Today!