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Uncensoring the censored

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It is a campaign to spread awareness about how and to what extent censorship is curbing our freedom of speech and expression.


Un censoring the Censored is a campaign to create awareness about what effects censorship has on the freedom of speech and expression and to what extent. Is our freedom absolute? What are the justifiable grounds on which one's freedom to express can be curtailed? Is it morality? Sedition? Public Agitation? Is it wrong is public is being agitated at all? Are we as individuals capable enough to take decisions for ourselves or does the government decide for what is best......


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If you want to lead liberty and be a face of SFL on your campus, apply here!nn


Want to engage in open discussions about change?? Prepare to talk your heart your. Strategise your actions.nnRegister for CHANGEMAKER'S CONFLUENCE 2K14 now!nnn


This is why its TOUGH to have a concert in Delhi... This is why most of the concerts in Delhi get cancelled at the very last moment... Sometimes police may even "withdraw" its permission arbitrarily at the last moment like it did with Sounds of Freedom Concert... and later gave it (I assume that the permission was granted after appropriate 'bribing' coz that's how things work in India, de facto. If anything else was the reason, it would be an exception)nnSAD state of AFFAIRSnn


"It’s the lie in the Aam Aadmi Party satyagraha, and it’s been nailed in the Delhi High Court. The Delhi government on Tuesday told the high court that the AAP government did not allocate any funds to finance the Rs 6 crore subsidy that it had announced for those who did not pay their electricity bills from October 2012 to May 2013. The lack of funds means no one will benefit from the scheme."nHaha... I think the lack of funds only means that you don't have any money of your own Its hard earned money of the people. Why not have more competition in electricity sector and bring the rates down like in the telecom industry?n


Whatever happened to freedom of expression!!!! This is so shameful!!! nn


I think freedom of speech and expression is less talked about because people don't see the consequences of ban or censorship unless they have said or expressed something which has resulted in a ban or censorship. However, I think it is the most important of all freedoms. The only human who can be a human without expressing is a dead one!nn


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