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Victory Innovations

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The fastest, most versatile, and easiest-to-use backpack and handheld cordless electrostatic sprayers.
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The way we clean and disinfect shared spaces makes a difference. Learn how you can get a better, faster clean with Victory Innovations electrostatic sprayers: #electrostaticsprayer


From lockers to gym equipment, electrostatic sprayers are the perfect tool to keep athletic facilities clean and disinfected - and save you time in the process.nn#electrostatic #electrostaticsprayer


Still relying on a spray bottle and rag? We'll walk you through how to improve your cleaning routine, from more thorough disinfecting to saving time: #electrostaticsprayer


The perfect option for big disinfection jobsnnWith a tank size 8 times larger than our handheld model, our backpack electrostatic sprayer is the best way to tackle big jobs efficiently. See how to make easy work of large spaces with cordless sprayers that stay charged for hours so you don't slow down: #electrostaticsprayer


See green, think clean - Victory Innovations electrostatic sprayers give you great surface coverage for a more thoroughly cleaned space.nn#electrostatic #electrostaticsprayer


If you work with different cleaning chemicals, they probably have different dwell time requirements to achieve efficacy - but our 3-in-1 adjustable nozzle makes it easy to adjust your droplet size for easy, no-wipe spraying: #electrostaticsprayer


What do we mean by "wraparound coverage"? Watch product expert Jayson Ness explain how electrostatic technology provides full coverage cleaning in our product overview: #electrostaticsprayer