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New York
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New York

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Professional non-linear video editing suite for creating a movie of any complexity, officially recommended by the GoPro community


VSDC is a free video editor to help you visualize your ideas. It provides all the features to work with projects of any length and complexity: ► Work with all the popular multimedia formats. ► Apply audio effects and Instagram filters ► Combine various video effects to achieve perfection. ══════════════════════════════ Download VSDC Free Video Editor: Try out VSDC Pro Video editor: Questions? Email us at [email protected]...



New York
51.618016548774, -103.359375

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Nothing makes us happier than seeing your work, guys! Keep them coming. The find of the week is this beautiful Arizona sunset timelapse, done with LUTs 🤩


This week, we're obsessed Joel Goh's channel featuring outstanding music videos edited in VSDC. nnCheck out this special AI Art Filters edition of Avicii @ Marquee Dayclub - LE7ELS 🤯


One of the biggest advantages of using a non-linear editor is being able to combine multiple videos in one scene. nnThe best example of that? Video grids! Also known as video walls or video collages.n nFollow along to learn how to make one within minutes.


In today's tutorial, we're teaching blurred edges — one of the handiest tricks you can use to drive viewers' attention to a certain object or area in the video (or just to create a special, dreamy atmosphere!)nn☝️Plus, we'll show you how to "highlight" a moving object using inverted masking and motion tracking.


Are you using subtitles in your videos? nnIf not, perhaps it's time to get started. Subtitles make videos more accessible and show that you care about your audience.nnHere is how to create subtitles in VSDC 👇n(the link to the full tutorial is in the first comment)


Let's talk about cutting and splitting.nSince there are several ways to cut, split, and trim videos in VSDC, we've prepared a detailed guide to help you master them all and choose the approach that fits your workflow. Follow the link in the first comment to check it out.


It's been more than 2 years since the release of our last "Getting started" video. And if you've been with us for a while, you know that the program has changed quite a bit since 2020.nnLong story short, our new beginner's tutorial is out. If you're new to VSDC, this is exactly what you need to get started.nnHead over to the first comment for the link.


Noticed the new (color) Scopes window in VSDC 7.1? nnIn our new tutorial, we're doing a quick overview of its structure and talking about the reasons why color scopes are so important to understand.nnCheck out the link in the first comment.


Do you use shortcuts while editing videos? nVSDC now allows you to create custom hotkey combinations!nCheck out the link to the new tutorial in the first comment and find out how to make your editing process even smoother.