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We Talk Football

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Welcome To Our Beautiful And Exciting Page/Community! On This Page/Community You Will Find Football And It Related Stuffs! Please Like,Follow And Share/Recommend Our Page To Get The Best Of Football.

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Luka Modric: "Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, it's a very confusing debate. I have won big trophies with Cristiano and I have lost big battles against Messi. Today one does something special and tomorrow the other does something special too. I don't choose, but I watch them and enjoy, they are both legends of the game." 🔥n#FootballClubChallenge


⚽ Karim Benzema has 15 goals + assists in 6 matches this season. 🔥🇫🇷⚪nnBig Benz🎩n#FootballClubChallenge


Two Greatest Legends in Madrid History.💙⚪nForever Be Remembered.❤n#FootballClubChallenge


📷 Best 9⃣ & 🔟 in the world 💙💎n#FootballClubChallenge


🗣Wayne Rooney :nn"If I were Pochettino I would stop that immediately. We managers all relishing the opportunity to manage players like Messi. But if you are unable to use him, then you have a big problem with your philosophy as a manager. Since at Tottenham Hotspur he has been questionable in terms of his team selection. "😱😱n#FootballClubChallenge


🔥Cristianon4️⃣ goalsn3️⃣ gamesnn#MUFC Cristiano Ronaldo has scored in every game he has played for Man Utd since returning to the club. nnLove him, hate him, you just can't ignore him. 🔥 n#FootballClubChallenge


Throwback! Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos 2018 World Cup. ❤️✌️n#FootballClubChallenge


Raphaël Varane on Cristiano Ronaldo : n🎙️n"Playing with the best is a great pleasure. Cristiano is a great professional, physically he is always at the top, he always has this quality of finish. What he will bring to #MUFC is his rage to win, his winning mentality." 🙌👏n#FootballClubChallenge


Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. rocking the United training kit 💪🔴n#FootballClubChallenge