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Welfare Organization for Orphans and Disables

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Kabul Afghanistan
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Kabul Afghanistan

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Welfare Organization for Orphans & Disables (WOOD) is a nonprofit, non-political, and a nongovernmental Organization. This NGO was established on 7th Nov 2018 according to the willingness of the community/ society people specially orphans and disables. I


Kabul Afghanistan ,9320

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A history of civil war and regional conflict in Afghanistan has left many vulnerable people full of orphans and handicapped, whose living conditions are extremely critical. nToday, Welfare Organization for Orphans and Disables (WOOD) will work to deliver life-saving aid to thousands of Orphans and Disables living on the edge of survival. Tomorrow, when the crisis subsides, we will work alongside community members to restore job opportunities, build critical infrastructure, and develop education programs. And the day after that we will be ready for the next chapter. In fragile settings, every day brings new opportunities and fresh challenges.nWelfare Organization for Orphans and Disables (WOOD) is a local NGO based in Kabul that works with Orphans and disabled people towards their physical rehabilitation and socio-economic integration. WOOD endeavors to improve the lives of Orphans and Disables people by providing physical support, helping them to develop the skills needed to gain employment and live an independent life, creating job opportunities that allow disabled people to become productive members of their families. One of WOOD’s major activities has been to train 169 disabled men and 200 Orphans for the past 1 year to ride and to repair a bicycle to enable them to function independently. nDisabled women and girls also participate in a six-month course, which provides vocational training in tailoring and embroidery and equips them with the skills needed to earn a livelihood. literacy, health education, and first aid training for all participants.


Welfare Organization for Orphans & Disables (WOOD) is a nonprofit, non-political, and a nongovernmental Organization. nThis NGO was established on 7th Nov 2018 according to the willingness of the community/ society people specially orphans and disables. It will deal with the present Socio-Economic problems in different areas by means of good understanding and sharing the problems each other, that will find out the best way of solving the problems through free discussion. nWOOD is designed to serve in reducing poverty, promoting generalization and improvement of living conditions for orphans and disables in Afghanistan, Unifying Afghans aspirations for being as a nation, economic growth, provide areas for growth and development with a view to the practical achievement of modern extensive facilities.nWOOD is operating the following areas:nEconomy nOverview:nWOOD’s economic opportunity programs are based on the belief that creating employment is the most critical pathway to building resilience for vulnerable communities specially for orphans and disables. Our programs are based on sustainable, enterprise-oriented solutions. We help orphans and disables to build businesses that transform their communities, create quality jobs, and increase productivity, market opportunities, and incomes. We do this by expanding access to small-scale technologies that are appropriate for fragile settings, as well as providing technical assistance, knowledge, and financial support.nEducationnOverview:nEducation is often the first service to disappear in emergencies and the last to be resumed. Crises are lasting entire generations, and many orphans and disables affected by them are in need of immediate educational support. Orphans and disables in fragile settings experiencing conflict are more than twice as likely to be out of school compared with those living in countries not affected by conflict. nAll of WOOD’s education work is underpinned by protection measures. This means we ensure that groups with high vulnerability or special needs have access and dignity in attaining the education they need to thrive.nnHealth and NutritionnOverview:nDelivering quality healthcare in critical areas requires a daily balancing act for both patients and providers. The WOOD services are often surrounded by life-threatening events that result in physical and emotional wounds, and security makes it challenging to seek treatment. These populations are additionally burdened by chronic poverty and shortages of basic necessities such as food, clean water and safe sanitation – leaving them with little resilience to withstand poor health.nHospital: A Safe Place for Quality Care in critical areasnWOOD has the plan to initiate free medical care for Orphans and Disables.nKitchen for Orphans and Disables Make Nutrition SustainablenWOOD has the plan to provide three times meal and a shelter for homeless orphans and disables.nProviding Life-Changing Prosthetics for Afghan handicapped & DisablesnThousands of people in Afghanistan are currently living with permanent impairments, including over 40,000 who have lost limbs.nWATER, SANITATION & HYGIENEnWe connect communities to clean water and sanitationnOur teams teach basic hygiene practices, which go hand-in-hand with our programs that restore access to clean, reliable water sources. Together, these efforts are the building blocks of healthy lives and preventing disease.


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